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Gib Gab an Alternative for ZOOM, Skype & Co.

Video conferences became increasingly popular with the beginning of the world wide pandemic. But data protection and end to end encryption plays often a subordinate role. Gib Gab is based on the source code of Jitsi Meet, an open source solution. Because downloading and customizing is not that easy for everyone we created two own servers located in Germany/Europe.
This is for private video chats. End to end encrypted to guarantee privacy of the users. There is no time or user limit. Using Gib Gab works without any app. Just open a link in the browser.
This server has been created to send your (public) conferences to Youtube, e. g. public lectures from scholars, but just recording and download the file is also possible.

No Blocking by Country or IP
You can use Gib Gab from everywhere to everywhere. There is not blocking by country or IP.

You can book an own admin account for your Gib Gab conferences on Currently we are preparing an English speaking form for all customers outside of German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria etc.). Coming soon to this page for booking.

Photo by: La Victorie / Unsplash